Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Competition. You can see the full list below. Our 2017 competition will open June 1.


On Bittersweet Place by Ronna Wineberg


The Human Face of Big Data
Created by Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt

The Illuminator's Gift
By Alina Sayre

Cephrael's Hand Book 1
By Melissa McPhail

Kwong's Next Three
By Vic Warren

The Secret of the Sacred Scarab
By Fiona Ingram

The Wrong Side of a Gun
By David Grace

Outstanding Photography Books

Inside Tracks
By Rick Smolan

The Noise Beneath the Apple
By Heather Jacks; photography by Bryan Close

Rio Grande del Norte: An Intimate Portrait
By Geraint Smith

Living Mollusks
By Charles E. Rawlings, MD, JD

Editor's Choice: Most Creative Book

Freedom Trail of Boston Pop Up Book
By Denise D. Price

Editor's Choice: Best Series

If You Were Me and Lived In ...
By Carole P. Roman

Editors Choice: Poetry

Digest by Gregory Pardlo

Pete Delohery Award for Best Sports Book

The Eighth Wonder of the World: The Life of Houston's Iconic Astrodome
By Robert C. Trumpbour and Kenneth Womack

100 Notable Books

It Came from the '70s
By Connie Corcoran Wilson

By Marc Secchia

Operation Ivy Bells
By Robert G. Williscroft

Jesus: The Jew No One Knows
By D.C. Smith

Pianist in a Bordello
By Mike C. Erickson

Crocodile Love
By Joshua Berman

A Girl Like You
By Michelle Cox

Abstract Painting, a Practical Approach
By Hennie Reimer

Almost Mortal
By Christopher Leibig

Wired In
By Toby Neal

Asphalt and Blood
By Warren Bell

A Tale of Two Beehives: Leveraging the Power of Engagement and Working Culture
By Sharoq Almalki

Blood Lake
By R.L. Herron

Come Back to Me
By Melissa Foster

Dead Serious: Youth Suicide – Myths, Facts, and Prevention
By Jane Mersky Leder

She Bites
By Roger Arsht

Everybody's Guide to Everyday Pain
By Ya-Ling J. Liou, D.C.

By Loren Walker

The Emergence of One American Nation
By Donald J. Fraser

Errant Spark
By Ronelle Antoinette

Even in Darkness
By Barbara Stark-Nemon

Falling Off Broadway: A Memoir
By David Black

By Lorraine Evanoff

Getting to the Heart of Employee Engagement
By Les Landes

Ghosts in Sunlight
By Gretta Curran Browne

Grind City
By Gary Hardwick

Hobo Annie Hits the Road
By Annie Howland

Hope in Hungnam
By David Watts Jr.

The House of Dark Shadows
By Digger Cartwright

Hanukkah with Uncle Reuben (Not Santa)
By Mark Tuchman

Teens: A League of Their Own – Cooking and Baking Recipes
By Christine Burton

Invisible Me
By Debbi Mack

Jerome & His Women
By Joan O'Hagan

Jamie's Journey: Cancer from the Voice of a Sibling
By Sharon Wozny

By Derek Vasconi

King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court
By Kim Headlee

Kauai … in My Heart
By Harry T. Yamanaka

By David Cappella

By Hannah Fielding

The Ultimate Guide to Champagne
By Liz Palmer

Rhinos Don't Like It and Neither Do I
By Riccardo J. Simpson

Many Blessings: A Tapestry of Accomplished African American Women
By Sonnee D. Weedn, Ph.D.

The City
By Lorilyn Roberts

Midori and the 1000 Stitch Belt
By Dr. C. Thomas Somma

Miss E.
By Brian Herberger

By Patricia Reis

My Mummy is an Engineer
By Kerrine Bryan & Jason Bryan

Sly Goes to the North Pole
By Hamilton Williams

By Kris Kramer

One True Home: Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness
By Claire Candy Hough

We, Our Father's Sons
By Samuel Santana

By Neal Katz

Pennies from Burger Heaven
By Marcy McKay

Pilate's 7
By J. Alexander Greenwood

Pilgrim Spokes: The Journey Continues … Cycling East Across America
By Neil M. Hanson

Renato After Alba
By Eugene Mirabelli

By Robyn Roze

Royal Partners: Learning to Work with God
By Larry Fox

By Vic Warren

Sand Dune Daisy
By Lili DeBarbieri

Saving Phoebe Murrow
By Herta Feely

The Sound of Falling Stars
By Michael Flocker

By Danielle A. Dahl

Opportunity Found
By David Mullins

Heartfelt Connections
By Anne E. Beall

Snowflakes in July
By Warren Bell

Storm Wolf
By Stephen Morris

By Daniel A. Smith

by John Crawley

The Depth of Beauty
By A.B. Michaels

The Divorce Talk: How to Tell the Kids
By Vikki Stark

The Cancer Card: Dealing with a Diagnosis
By Karen Van De Water

The Coaching Habit
By Michael Bungay Stanier

The Maiden Voyage of the Destiny Unknown
By Nicholas Ponticello

The Brand New You
By Julie Broad

The Sign of Jonah
By Charlie Canning

The Coelho Medallion
By Kevin Tumlinson

The Maynwarings
By Digger Cartwright

The Versailles Conspiracy
By Digger Cartwright

Tread Softly on My Dreams
By Gretta Curran Browne

Unfolding Happiness
By Ambika Devi, MA & Vijay Jain, MD

Wait, How Do I Write this Email?
By Danny Rubin

Wasted: Murder in the Berkeley Recycle Yard
By John Byrne Barry

Before the Court of Heaven
By Jack Mayer

Light of the Desert
By Lucette Walters

Scapegoat: A Flight Crew's Journey
By Emilio Corsetti III

The Shaping of Destiny
By Ian Crouch

Escaping Viet Nam: H'Yoanh's Story
By Harriet Hill and H'Yoanh Buonya

The After House
By Michael Phillip Cash

Eden's Revelation
By John Butziger

The Vampire Girl in London
By Richard Arbib

The Flip
By Michael Phillip Cash

By Matt Ingwalson

Get Clarity
By Cathy Hawk and Gary Hawk

The Magic of Moments
By Joan Kantor

All I Ever Needed Was the Music
By Phillip Sprayberry

No Cape Needed
By David Grossman

Sheppard of the Argonne
By G. William Weatherly

Shot Down
By Steve Snyder

Finding Your Style in Pastel
By Jean Hirons